What is VN?

Vida Nueva (VN)…

What does it mean and what is it?

Vida Nueva is a community of people who are passionate about raising a generation of Christian World Changers. Vida Nueva is Spanish for NEW LIFE. It is a 3-day weekend where you can experience an encounter with our Triune God; the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit! You’ll journey with other 15-20 year olds through the death and resurrection of Jesus to find the true meaning of NEW LIFE in Him. Through the mentorship of a Christian community, you will learn how to live out a grace-filled Christian life with confidence. You will gain practical tools that can bring you into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God; and empower you to become Christian leaders in your churches and communities. “Lord, we pray that you use the Vida Nueva community to educate, edify, and empower the Christian Leaders of tomorrow through the life changing encounter with You; the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

VN Council


What happens on a weekend?

The Vida Nueva team leading the weekend is composed of volunteers of former attendees of Vida Nueva, Tres Dias, Chrysalis or similar youth weekends. The Vida Nueva weekend presents the meaning of living a Christian life and provides tools on how to apply it to our daily lives. Some of the activities on the weekend include lay and clergy talks, group discussions, chapels, music, skits, and other Christ centered friendly activities.

Who should attend a weekend?

All young men and women, from age 15 to age 20 at the beginning of the weekend, who are seeking a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, are welcome to attend a Vida Nueva weekend. There are separate weekends held for young men and young women. Each attendee must be sponsored by someone who has previously attended a Vida Nueva, Tres Dias Cursillo-type weekend.

How can I sponsor an attendee for a weekend? 

If you have attended a Vida Nueva, Chysallis, Tres Dias or Cursillo-type weekend you can sponsor someone for a weekend. Applications are available here on the website. Applications will also be available at the Tres Dias Secuelas and the Vida Nueva Gatherings. Please be in prayer as to whom you might sponsor. “There is an appointed time for everything. And a time for every event under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Is there training provided for serving?

Training will be provided for all who are interested in serving on a weekend. Vida Nueva Tampa Bay Training is required to serve – as our weekends have a special flavor all their own. Therefore even if you have served on a Vida Nueva or Tres Dias weekend before – the training is still the right thing for you.

How do I sign up?

Applications to attend and serve are available here on our website. Or contact a council member and they will be willing to help.

What is the Fourth Day?

One’s life after Vida Nueva is called the Fourth Day. Following Vida Nueva, a person is able to expand his/her own spiritual life and become a more active disciple of Jesus Christ in the world, in the Church and in their school. During this time, encouragement is important and is provided through contact with the Vida Nueva community. Reunions of smaller groups within local churches and schools are encouraged so that the participants may help one another in living the Christian life.

What happens after Vida Nueva?

Something unique to the Tampa Bay Community is the follow-up leadership conference. All those attending Vida Nueva will be able to have the opportunity to be strengthened in their 4th day. Special conferences designed to meet the needs of young Christian leaders will be available.

How can I get involved? 

Serving on a Young Men’s or Young Women’s weekend. Anyone who has been to a Vida Nueva, Tres Dias, Cursillo, Emmaus or similar weekend is eligible to serve on Vida Nueva Weekends.

Can I be involved without serving on a weekend?

There are several opportunities for you to be involved without serving on the weekend:

  • SPONSORSHIP: You can sponsor a Candidate.
  • SCHOLARSHIP: You can provide Financial Scholarships for young men and women to attend. We need Pescadores to sponsor candidates they do not know. Also, each young adult is given a Bible during the weekend. You can Sponsor the cost of a Bible or more if you wish.